Too Soft for Dark Souls 2


Cue a famous Cutting Crew song

Dark Souls 2 is upon us. Which means we will all be discussing death and dying for some time until we come to the same brilliant conclusion that being alive is a much preferable state to be in. The Souls series is notorious for its unforgiving nature. Make a mistake and you pay with your life. Kind of. It would be more accurate to say that you actually pay with your time. Players have an infinite amount of lives available to them in-game but, if you are like me and have other commitments in your finite life, you have a limited playing time. And with so many games to play the titles you dedicate time to have to be meticulously selected. Continue reading

NBI: Poetry Slam


I have it on good authority that the Japanese characters here read ‘Haiku’

As part of Newbie Blogger Initiative month Syl (the MMO Gypsy) threw a poetry slam. I’m no poet but I also have no shame. I came up with these three haiku. They refer to three different MMOs which are, hopefully, very easy to guess.


Asteroid mining

For Scordite and dense Veldspar

Wasted time of mine


Missing trinity

With no tanks and no healers

Just damage dealers


There were twelve million

Now it’s almost half that much

Pandas didn’t cut it

Is Eve Online Boring?


It’s a miner’s world

Undock the station. Warp to within 0 m of suitable asteroid field. Fly to Scordite filled asteroids (or Veldspar if Scordite is scarce). Turn on the Civilian Shield Booster. Launch my Hobgoblin I drones. Click on nearest asteroid. Lock on target. Activate the XeCl Drilling Beam I. ‘The asteroid is depleted’. Click on the next asteroid in my overview, lock and drill. Rinse repeat till the ore hold is to full capacity. Warp/dock to station. Sell ore. Restart process. That more or less describes my experience of EVE Online in the last week. Continue reading

1. Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI)


I grew up reading video games magazines. I would spend hours on end reading the legendary Amiga Power or the more sober PC Gamer (and occasionally CVG) and dreaming that one day I would become a games journalist. For the longest time my journalistic pipe dreams lay dormant within the dark recesses of my brain. That is until I dipped into the internet back in 1997. My first endeavor was to make my own website. It consisted of a series of articles on random fictitious interest.  Among other things I can remember the Clean Elbow Club – an organisation with the sole purpose of promoting clean elbows the world over and a mini series on how to take care of your Mighty Viking Hamster (a particularly rare and dangerous rodent). I also had a section dedicated to gaming and another one which dealt with reviewing music albums (got to crudely review albums by Radiohead, Modest Mouse and the Super Furry Animals if memory serves) . I did not do it for any particular reason other than the joy of writing and learning about creating my own website. I did zero promotion for the site and have no idea if anyone ever visited it since a) I never looked at any statistics and b) had no way for visitors to leave feedback or contact me. Continue reading

Killer Is Dead But Feminism Lives On


God forbid developers accentuate the sexual beauty of women in videogames

The topic of sexism and misogyny in videogames has been coming up quite a lot lately. A week or so ago we had Dragon’s Crown which caused an uproar in feminist circles. And now Suda51 goes and shakes the hornet’s nest with Killer Is Dead and its ‘gigolo mode’. For the uninitiated this is a mini game which has the player ogling over a sexy woman and giving her presents in order to win her over and eventually bed her. The reward for carrying that out correctly is weapon upgrades. The game has been criticized and given bad scores by many websites because its ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist’.  Certainly these are damning words so it would benefit everyone to go over some definitions taken from Merriam Webster. Continue reading

FFXIV: A Realm Re-released


My Maurader looks totally badass

As so often happens I ended buying  Final Fantasy XIV on a whim. I was not following the development of the game and did not know it was due for release.  However Liore mentioned the game in her twitter feed and I did feel like experiencing a launch MMO. Going in  I knew very little about the game other than it had a terrible launch some time ago – so much so that the game was scrapped and re-released as a new game. I have no experience of playing FFXI Online either after reading somewhere its an extremely grind heavy and grouping dependent game. Not sure if that is true or not but I guess that ship has sailed at this point.

Continue reading

Going Forward and Stuff


Everquest 2 brought back the joys of exploration

I finally decided to do a quick post in this here blog hoping that I get back into the routine of posting regularly (or semi-regularly). This time I cannot blame my decreased output on the summer heat so I will assume full responsibility. I’m a lazy procrastinator and it shows in my blogging output. I’m also the victim of a  common blogger dilemma  – do I spend my time blogging on games or actually playing them when I have some free time? Many bloggers I follow claim to have the same problem although, unlike me, they seem to be able to manage both eventually. Continue reading