Blizzard’s Titan Fall

Once again... this is the wrong Titan
Once again… this is the wrong Titan

Blizzard has cancelled project Titan.

Yes, go ahead, check your calendar. Its nowhere near April first.

Mike Morhaime, the big man at Blizzard, told Polygon that Titan is no more. Mike cited genre fatigue, lack of faith in the project and a change in mentality in favor of smaller games  as the main reasons why 7 years of development were scrapped.

This news trashes my own predictions on the details surrounding Titan. Yet, in my defence, those predictions were made in a different era. MMOs were thriving. Wildstar and ESO were hotly anticipated titles still in the works. They were meant to breathe new life into the genre (they didn’t). WoW was seeing declining numbers but many assumed it was just a phase (it wasn’t). Many MMOs were already switching to free to play – but I was assuming that it was because the model appealed with the user base rather than a decline in interest.

What does this mean for the genre? Broadly speaking it can mean one of two things:

  1. This is the nail in the coffin for a genre which was already showing signs of fatigue. Many were hoping that Titan would repeat what WoW did all those years back – be a hugely successful brand, reignite interest in MMOs in a big way and reel in millions of new MMO devotees who would eventually spill into other, similar games. Instead, publishers will see this as a sign that there is less money to be made from the genre since even the developer who owns the goose that lays the golden eggs is reluctant to invest further in such games.
  2. This will provide a much needed breather to current MMOs which were dreading the arrival of the all consuming Titan. Once released Titan would have attracted droves of players from other MMOs, many of which are already struggling to make ends meet. Titan would have probably spelled the end of those games. Now that Titan is out of the picture, current MMO developers can breathe easy and have some more peace of mind for the long term health of their project.

I would hope that its more of the latter than the former.  For my part I have stopped playing MMOs. Wildstar was my last one. I did enjoy it while it lasted – but it did not last more than two months for me. I will definitely decide to dip my feet in the genre again in the future and I would want it to still be there, waiting for me, with a  variety of new and exciting experiences to enjoy. The thought of an almost nonexistent MMO landscape dominated by WoW and its 12 expansions is not something I cherish.


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