Hello there, stranger. I am not sure how you got to this blog. I am even less certain why you care to read this ‘About’ post but here it goes.

Since I can remember I was fascinated with videogames. Not just playing them (and I do play whenever I can) but also learning about the whole culture surrounding the videogame business. I have a particular interest in role playing games, particularly the massively multiplayer online variety.

I decided to start my own blog lots of times, always dreaming I would become some kind of renowned internet author. In my old age (I will be 34 soon) I accepted that it is something that is never going to happen. I don’t have the skill for it and honestly, at this point, I have even less inclination. I am fine with that. Nevertheless I decided to go ahead and keep my own gaming blog just to show myself that I can do it. Blogging can be fun and relaxing. In actual fact not having an audience takes off any pressure I might otherwise have.

Having said that it’s nice to know that sometimes people are interested in stuff you do, so if you care just leave a comment. Suggestions and constructive criticisms are more than welcome. The plan is to have regular short posts and the occasional long, ‘researched’ (kind of), posts. They will focus mostly on MMOs and RPGs since those are the kind of games which inspire me to write anything. And that is just about enough about me and my blog…


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