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23rd February 2015: It’s been a while since I updated both the blog or the development page. I just made the decision to shift the focus of this blog from MMO gaming to general gaming. I stopped playing MMOs for some time now but I still game regularly. Because of this change the last few posts were not really related to MMOs. As some might tell I found myself getting really interested in the whole #Gamergate debacle. Full disclosure: I support neither the pro GG or the anti GG however I sympathize more with the pro GG side of things. I find it sad that there exists a number of people who hide behind internet anonymity to intimidate and ridicule others. However I feel it is extremely unfair to try and paint all gamers with the same broad strokes. The majority of people who play videogames are normal people who have absolutely no problem with women joining in their hobby and never indulge in any form of harassment. As for ethics in gaming journalism – I think anyone who is surprised to discover that there are hidden undercurrents in the gaming press needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Shady dealings have been a part of gaming media since before the internet and they will be for the foreseeable future. It is important to be aware of this and expose it where possible. Never take anyone’s opinion at face value and always make a distinction between the objective and the subjective (which in the press is often presented as one and the same thing).

19th August 2012: I finally have a blog header I am proud of courtesy of Nicole Diacono. She designed the mighty viking hamster image for me. I added the bland text in. My drawing and design skills are lackluster to say the least. Recently I have been thinking about my blog and realizing that I am not always blogging on the things I really want to. This might be caused by the fact that I have an audience now and I find myself wanting to please the readers. It’s not a big readership by any stretch of the imagination, but considering I was not expecting anyone to ever read this, having even a few subscribers and regular commenters is a lot to me. I still don’t think I’ve managed to strike my intended balance between being somber and humorous. In fact I think all my posts are quite serious and lack any humor. I guess I should change the heading to ‘Despite the name there is nothing funny here: Move along’. I have also had a couple of posts which got a heated discussion going. I am learning that when I criticize something which a large chunk the community likes I am bound to get some very strong opinions thrown at me. That’s OK. I can handle that. Just because I am the one writing this blog does not mean my opinion is final. It only means that blog posts are going to reflect what I think, whether I am right or wrong. To anyone who ever took time to post a comment: my sincere thanks.

22nd June 2012: Now that I have a few posts under my belt (reaching 20 posts soon enough), I began to realize what direction the blog is taking. I do not intend to post just for the sake of posting. I reckon two posts a week on average are more than enough. It seems that I gravitate more towards medium sized posts. I cannot describe them as bite sized, but they are far removed from some epic posts I get to read on other blogs. Speaking of which: since starting my blog I realized there are some amazing bloggers out there. I feel I can never aspire to get even close to their writing standards. I do not speak English natively and never studied it past ordinary level. I never studied writing or journalism. My job has zero relevance to writing articles and its not in any way gaming related. I have resigned myself with the inevitability that there will be grammatical mistakes in all the posts I make, but as long as I am satisfied with what I write I’m ok with that.

12th June 2012: Got my first spam comment today subtly advertising a GW2 beta key selling site. On one hand it might be indicative that the blog is slightly more popular than when I started although spam is not something I am too happy with. On a side note: the blog has been going for a month, which is a milestone for me. My other blogs did not get past the first/second post. Still struggling with post titles. I usually value clever over informative. I wish I could put a subtitle to each post but I have not found out how yet without installing a widget or whatever.

2nd June 2012: I often found myself wanting to post ideas about the blog and refrained from doing so. Having a blog post about my the blog feels so meta! For this reason I decided to make a separate page reflecting on some philosophies behind the blog, sharing reasons for any changes I make and giving details regarding my plans going forward. Just more of me talking loudly to myself then. I think of this as my blog’s patch notes. I have been thinking about the homepage layout and the best way to go about it for quite some time now. Initially, when I had just a couple of short posts, it seemed like a good idea to have all posts appear in their entirety on the home page. Now that I have more blog posts (some of them are quite lengthy) my initial decision seems a bit silly. Because of this I decided to truncate the long posts with the ‘Insert More’ tag. I have my reservations about retrofitting this ‘feature’ now. I understand that the first paragraph, the one visible to others before the tag, should give a good idea of what the article is about and I do not think this is the case with my current posts. I will start keeping this in mind from now on.


2 thoughts on “Blog Development

  1. Smart move! I sometimes want to write about my own blog development as well, but am also afraid I’ll bore people to death. This seems like a good solution.

    About your home page: I think it looks really good. I usually get annoyed when I need to ‘click through’ to get to posts, but in your case it looks very inviting!

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