Is Eve Online Boring?

It’s a miner’s world

Undock the station. Warp to within 0 m of suitable asteroid field. Fly to Scordite filled asteroids (or Veldspar if Scordite is scarce). Turn on the Civilian Shield Booster. Launch my Hobgoblin I drones. Click on nearest asteroid. Lock on target. Activate the XeCl Drilling Beam I. ‘The asteroid is depleted’. Click on the next asteroid in my overview, lock and drill. Rinse repeat till the ore hold is to full capacity. Warp/dock to station. Sell ore. Restart process. That more or less describes my experience of EVE Online in the last week.

I was warned by some friendly players that mining in EVE Online is a dull endeavour, and it is! The upside is that it can be lucrative for a new player and also quite safe. As a matter of fact I have yet to have my ship destroyed and ISK was never an issue for the things I wanted to buy so far.  I cannot really say that I am enjoying the experience however the game has dominated  my play time this week. Why? I can think of two reasons.

Firstly – while the mining operation I am trying to set up is boring and repetitive in and of itself I am quite enjoying learning the ropes in this fascinating sandbox. Up until now I felt  EVE was not a game which commanded my full attention. After all, watching my Venture mine ore in space scores marginally higher than watching paint dry on the excitement chart. However it is something I can easily do on the side. I more often than not find myself watching video tutorials or reading guides to EVE to keep myself occupied. Thankfully there exist many resources which can get a newbie player up to speed within the universe of New Eden. The community is strong with this one. Watching a movie or playing another MMO worked equally well. Indeed I am mining Scordite this very moment. Any activity which allows me to hear the warning that ‘the asteroid is depleted’ is fair game and having a dual monitor setup helped immensely with this.

50% Jackie Chan – 50% Scordite

Secondly (and more importantly) – I feel that in EVE it’s not necessarily the experience I am having right now that matters but rather the promise of what can happen in this vast, open sandbox universe. I read many accounts of crazy stuff which went down. Incidents which the developers CCP never really intended but completely endorsed. Events which took place because the players wanted them to happen. My current EVE experience may be lacking in excitement but its definitely brimming with potential. Having said that, in my few days of playing the game nothing really exciting happened. Possibly I am playing it too safe having never ventured out of 0.7 sec. As someone told me on chat ‘most of the excitement involves dying at some point’ which is something that I have yet to experience. This makes me think that maybe the game is not at fault – I am. Would WoW still be exciting if I spent all my time killing mobs in Dun Morogh?


6 thoughts on “Is Eve Online Boring?

  1. If you come to the game and say, “I am ready to be entertained!” EVE Online will laugh at you. It makes you work for your fun.

    I, personally, need a sense of purpose to accomplish anything in EVE. I have a main and an alt that have perfected high sec mining skills. I can go mine and earn money if I want, but unless I need the money for something, I cannot bring myself to just go mine.

    Likewise, as I mentioned in a post the other day, I love when our coalition is at war and there are fleets forming. Even dull ops have a sense of mission and purpose. But now, deployed to Curse, where we are just shooting people to shoot people, I find that far less motivating.

    1. What you say is definitely true and I guess it is the hallmark of a sandbox MMO. It does not presume to tell you how to have fun, you have to figure that out yourself. However it would definitely help if the game made it less painful to understand how the universe ticks.

      I guess at this point my purpose is to maximize my mining ability. Although right now money is not really an issue for me I can see how I will need it in the near future. If I am honest with myself though I doubt I will be a long term EVE player. It definitely requires that I join a Corporation and I doubt I will be joining one in a sub based game.

  2. I love EVE but can never stay subscribed for longer than a couple months at a time. I prefer building my little tech corporation which is immensely exciting for me. But once I’ve had my fill of market play and hauling operations my enthusiasm quietly dies down.

    It’s a great game, but excitement is very slow going when you play economically/politcally. It’s addictingly interesting though.

    1. I might pay for a month once my first free month elapses… but I’m more likely not to. My biggest consideration is that I would rather use that money in a game which provides more excitement for my buck. However I will be embarking on some adventures once I set up my little mining operation so I will see how that goes.

  3. played eve online on and off for years also have a main and a alt account… i follow the military role combat.. assassinations and getting war decced every time … it is fun having to look over ones shoulder at all times… requires a certain sense of strategy when it even comes to a system jump… The universe in this game is so broad and expansive u really have to think ahead when war decced as 1 wrong jump results in being podded as soon as u depart a station or FTL to a blockaded gate .. when u jump into a warzone omg … u will ultimately kack ur pants ..

    Mining for me is a waste of time… war is where its at .. also bieng able to affect the outcome of an battle of dust 514 too is good bieng able to rain down bombardment supposrt in real time from space to assist ur factions ongoing wars on the planet.. all in all a good game

    1. I totally understand that mining is not as exciting as other activities in EVE and I do blame myself for choosing that activity to focus on in-game. However mining in EVE is essential. Without it no ships can be built. Because of this I feel that much more effort should have been put into making the mining aspect more deep, interesting, fun and challenging.

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