Going Forward and Stuff

Everquest 2 brought back the joys of exploration

I finally decided to do a quick post in this here blog hoping that I get back into the routine of posting regularly (or semi-regularly). This time I cannot blame my decreased output on the summer heat so I will assume full responsibility. I’m a lazy procrastinator and it shows in my blogging output. I’m also the victim of a  common blogger dilemma  – do I spend my time blogging on games or actually playing them when I have some free time? Many bloggers I follow claim to have the same problem although, unlike me, they seem to be able to manage both eventually.

Its not like I did not have any topics to blog about lately. I really wanted to write something about internet bullying following Phil Fish’s apparent renouncement of the gaming industry because of constant personal attacks on his person through social feeds and some gaming media sites. Don’t mind the trolls Phil. Come back! I  felt compelled to tackle the feminist movement in gaming which is a subject that keeps coming up lately. My quick and totally incomplete opinion – I  am against feminism for the exact same reason I am against sexism. I find it hard to support an anti discrimination movement which in and of itself discriminates roughly 50% of the population. I also wanted to do a post on Everquest Next and what I think about where the game is going (hint: I like it). All this is old news now. All my mental discussions regarding these subjects are spent, and since they were not put to .txt I will need some sort of further stimulus to get back to them (and possibly find it in me to actually write a blog post).

On the MMO gaming front I have been playing a bit of Defiance and quite a bit of Everquest 2. I grabbed Defiance for cheap on the Steam sale only to find that the price was permanently reduced further a couple of days later. No big loss. The game is good enough to warrant the 13€ I spent on it. I may write a more detailed opinion on the game at some point (may being the operative word here). However what I will say is that I was pleasantly surprised. Following the overall negative feedback I read regarding the game I was not expecting much. After some 20 hours of play time on the PC version of the game I feel that Trion deserves a lot of credit for this product. It did not grab me the way an amazing game does – but I frequently jump in to play the odd half an hour here and there. It is a very solid foundation to what can be an excellent action sci-fi MMORPG after a few updates/expansions. Even in its current state the game is incredibly easy to recommend for the asking price.

All the EQNext talk got me to re-install Everquest 2 and dip back into Norrath. I never thought I would say this in 2013 but modern day EQ2 blew me away. Back in 2004 I played EQ2 non-stop for about a month. I was absolutely loving it. All that changed when I installed and played a new game called World of Warcraft which I ended up playing non-stop for around 3 years. I tried going back to EQ2 a few times in these past years but it always felt like walking back into the house you grew up in only to find all the windows are broken, nothing works and everywhere smells like humidity and urine. The magic was lost and only the fond memories remained. However it was different this time. The game has improved dramatically, my PC can finally run the game as intended, and the new areas are fresh and as charming as the old areas were when I first experienced them. Of course I use the word ‘new’ loosely. For all I know this content was added a few years back. In a nutshell Everquest 2 managed to accomplish the unthinkable – It has the ability to effortlessly make me lose track of time. This is the highest accolade I can give to any game. If it manages to keep my attention to such a degree over the long term is yet to be seen, but here is hoping.

This post was meant to be a couple of sentences long and it ended up being a couple of paragraphs. I guess I still enjoy writing even if this post has no real subject. Then again maybe these are the kind of posts I should have been doing all along. Now if I could only find a way to get typing more often.


One thought on “Going Forward and Stuff

  1. Nice pic in Darklight Woods there!

    I had a somewhat opposite experience to you — I loved EQ2 from the get-go and played it for about 6 years, but WoW never quite caught my attention. I tried it out a couple of times. I even bought The Burning Crusade expansion and started Blood Elf and Dranei characters, but.. I think I got a human mage to 14 and maybe an undead priest to the same level, and no other character cracked level 10. What’s sad about that is that I have no idea why I just didn’t “feel it.” Nothing was wrong with it, it just didn’t excite me. Go figure.

    As it is, with EQ2 I fell away a couple of years ago back when 90 was the level cap. Since it’s gone F2P I’ve logged in a time or 2, but with literally 96 buttons staring at me out of my hotbars all filled….. I don’t remember what the skills even do, and it hasn’t pulled me back in enough to make me want to re-learn either.

    OTOH, I still enjoy Rift from time to time, and I *love* TSW, so. . . there is that, I guess.

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