Pre-Show E3 Predictons That Are Unlikely To Happen

E3 is just about to start and I am hunkered in front of my PC ready to watch a veritable marathon of conferences about to be presented by the big names in the gaming industry. This year its a special one because Microsoft and Sony are going head to head with their next gen consoles. To pass the time I decided to come up with a quick predictions post. Predictions are amusing – on one hand they often make you look like a complete ass but on the other its a great bragging opportunity if you manage to predict some leftfield announcement no one else saw coming. I will try and come up with 10 predictions so that I can easily score myself – see how well I did and stuff.Image

  1. Microsoft will have a pack in game with the console. It will be pre-installed on the console and will be multiplayer only (and require a Live Gold sub to operate). I will go out on a limb here and say that it will be the multiplayer component of Halo 5.
  2. Xbox Live Gold will see free games and discounts similar to what Playstation Plus offers at the moment.
  3. During their Nintendo Direct new Metroid, Pokemon and Super Smash Brothers games will be announced for the Wii U.
  4. The Wii U will have a price cut  and the 16Gb model will be replaced with a new model sporting a hard disk bigger than 32Gb.
  5. There will be some booing at the Microsoft press conference at some point. This is part prediction part wishful thinking.
  6. Both next-gen consoles will be priced. The Xbox One will be sold slightly cheaper than the Playstation 4. Xbox One will cost around 350$ while Playstation 4 will be around 400$.
  7. Without a doubt Sony will show the actual Playstation 4 this time. I predict that the design will be less sober than that of the Xbox One (ie. more flashy and futuristic) but they will be round about the same size.
  8. Both Microsoft and Sony will have children on stage at some point showing off some game aimed at the little ones. There will also be dancing on stage in the Microsoft conference (but not the Sony one)
  9. 8 of the 15 exclusive games shown by Microsoft will be Xbox Live games. One of them will be made by Epic games, but it won’t be Gears of War.
  10. Last but not least – Nintendo will have the most interesting E3 this year. I know its a tough sell since they are not having a live conference and they are not announcing a new console but there you have it.

So that’s my predictions – mostly wild and absolutely not based on any facts. Unfortunately I could not come up with any unlikely predictions related to MMOs but it would be nice to get some new surprises there as well – a peek at Everquest Next that blows us all away, or it being announced for PS4?  Whatever E3 holds – bring it on!


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