Rift: 107€ Lighter

Riding this thing must be extremely uncomfortable for a dwarf

Disclaimer: After re-reading this post I realized it sounded like some commercial for Rift. It’s not.

After a lot of deliberation I have decided to go for it. I accepted Trion’s offer to subscribe for a year of Rift. Truth be told they made it really hard to resist. First and foremost by paying a full year in advance I got to save money – 48€ less than what I would have paid if I decided to subscribe for the whole year but pay month by month. Secondly I get the Storm Legion expansion for free when it is released in November. That’s another 25€ saved. last but not least I got the Landslide mount. As far as mounts go the Landslide is as cool as it gets. Freud would have something to say about the joy I get from having such a lumbering beast huffing and puffing between my legs. There are other minor rewards too (a special cape, an exclusive title, early access to some instance and immediate veteran rewards). Nothing to write home about really but getting extra goodies is always a good thing.

In spite of all this anyone who knows me might find it hard to understand why I decided to go for this offer . I never pay subscription time in advance and prefer paying on a month to month basis so I can avoid paying for the game if I divert my attention to something else. Moreover, since the F2P model became popular, I find it doubly difficult to throw money at a monthly sub. Why the sudden u-turn then?

The reason is quite simple. If there is a game that deserves a monthly subscription then Rift is undoubtedly it. The amount of content Trion have pumped out since release is astounding. They have consistently released a content patch every couple of months. These were not trivial patches either, often adding content or new game systems (often both!). In slightly over a year and a half we saw the addition of a functioning cross server LFG system, crafting and pvp rifts, two new tradeskills, a variety of new raids, master modes for dungeons, a wardrobe system, Ember Isle (a whole new high level zone), a veteran reward system, a mentoring system, barber shops, social network integration, a new warfront, conquest pvp, the ability to switch servers for free, guild banks, new world events, the instant adventure system, vast improvements to crafting, planar attunement (an end game advancement system), chronicles for duo adventurers, in-game weddings, pre-made soul templates, a handy guild finder, cross-faction gameplay, and recently we got a major revision to all classes. Trion consistently added back of the box features to the game and thus managing to keep Rift fresh and interesting. On top of that they have been working on an expansion which is looking extremely promising.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rift is one of the best MMO’s currently available and I feel that Trion definitely deserve my custom. It is refreshing to actually be playing the game instead of trying it out as I was a few months back.


4 thoughts on “Rift: 107€ Lighter

  1. Hello Landslide buddy! Last year for at least four months I subbed to RIFT but didn’t play it. I didn’t feel bad, though, because if anyone deserves subscription dollars, it’s Trion.

    Anyway, I expect you’re on an EU server, but add Mercredi to your friends list anyway if you like. 🙂

  2. I did the same thing! I’ve been enjoying Rift a lot, pushing to hit 50 before the expansion arrives, and finally decided the one year sub+expac deal was too good to pass up.

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