Life After Guild Wars 2

Behold my eightyness

Ding 80 in Guild Wars 2 and I was met with an almighty ‘now what?’. Over at GuildWars2Hub there is this list of 80 things to do when you reach level 80 in GW2. Some of them don’t really interest me (Fill every collection slot in the bank with at least one item? I think not). Others, such as finishing my personal story, are obvious choices. I am very tempted to start a new character (something which is also on the list), but I have not grown tired of the Warrior class yet. Levels are not so meaningful in GW2 anyways, at least not as much as they are in other MMOs. Focusing on the World Vs World Vs World aspect of the game is also something I have been meaning to do. Plus: I have yet to get into a dungeon. I feel it is quite a daunting task to be trying that with complete strangers. This game seems to require more coordination than most due to the lack of specific role each party member has. From what I have read about instances in Guild Wars 2 they can be brutally hard. However I am quite sure I can get enough real life friends to set up a decent party.

The other big thing I could do now is focus on a different MMO altogether. Here is a list (starting from most compelling to least compelling) of games which are vying for my attention post Guild Wars 2:

  • Lord of the Rings Online: This has been the constant in my MMO gaming life since it switched to F2P. A couple of days back, while taking a breather from playing Guild Wars 2, I took the plunge and bought the Riders of Rohan expansion. Getting extra TPs just because the expansion was delayed felt too big a deal to ignore. I went for the Heroic Edition since I need the Outrider’s Token more than anything – sadly the XP boosting pocket item I got for pre-ordering Rise of Isengard only works till level 65. Leveling is painfully slow in LotRO and I need all the help I can get at this point. It would be nice if I could be at level cap come RoR. I have played nothing but GW2 these past couple of weeks and this is one of the few MMOs I have been missing.
  • Rift: Trion have been making it really hard for me to stay away from Rift although I have held my ground so far.  GW2 kept me from subscribing to any games anyways. However Rift’s expansion got a release date (13th November) and it is a game I always enjoyed whenever I was subscribed. As a matter of fact I have been contemplating taking advantage of the ‘pay one year in advance and get the expansion for free’ offer. There is a good chance that I might go for it if the offer is still up in a few weeks time. It would be nice if I was close to cap when the expansion hits although I think that’s quite unlikely at this point.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: I’ve been meaning to return to this for some time, if only to see how the game changed since release. I know I will be revisiting the galaxy far far away when it switches to a F2P model but I feel it would not hurt to check back before that actually happens. SWTOR is not a bad game and I stopped playing just because I was too busy playing other games to justify throwing money at another monthly subscription.
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is almost here. It will be the first WoW expansion I have not bought at launch. I did install and update the game client mind you. I logged in the game to play the ‘free’ level 1-20 portion to see how it feels after such a long hiatus. I was royally burnt out on WoW after 6 years of playing it extensively and I must say: I still am. Took me a good while to decide which class and race I was going to pick. The models all look incredibly dated (the vanilla races more so) and the new character creation process further highlights the lack of customization on offer. I finally settled for a Dwarf Warlock. The Dwarf starting area was one of my favourites pre-Cataclysm and the Warlock is definitely my favorite class. I played a whole 15 minutes until I could not take it anymore. I am trying to love you WoW. I just can’t find it in me. That being said I will be following the launch of the expansion closely.
  • City of Heroes/Villains: I bought this on Steam during last year’s summer sale and it’s been sitting there since, waiting for its moment to come. It seems like the wait will soon be over, but not for the right reasons. On hearing that the game was going to be shut down my first impulse was to install it and play so I can at least experience it before the big shut down. Thankfully I was too busy playing GW2 to go through with that. I am sure I would have spent more time installing and updating it than actually playing it.
  • Buying a new MMO: Secret World was on and off on my radar for some time, although I doubt I will buy it at this point. I am waiting for it to turn F2P as it should have been from day one. Tera is not doing too well, but it intrigues me. A bit too Korean looking for my tastes and I feel the entry price is way too high but there is still the tiny possibility that I might take the plunge if I find a cheap (under 10€) copy.

That is all I guess. I will definitely keep playing Guild Wars 2 for some time and there is the possibility that it might join LotRO as an MMO I keep returning to time and time again. I plan on upgrading my PC in the coming weeks and it will be cool to play my games in full detail. One thing is sure: I am spoilt for choice right now and it feels good.


5 thoughts on “Life After Guild Wars 2

  1. I am level 80 since last week. Currently I am working to complete the world exploration and advance crafting to 400. I am too working at get a full exotic set of gear. All that things too contribue to gain a legendary weapon, that is my most important objective. However, for get a legendary weapon i will need too complete arah at exploration mode a lot of times and kill a lot of enemies at WvW (and I am not good at PvP). and a lot of gold coins, that GW2 economy is not helping to bring me.

    Sincerelly, hamster, I think people will start to have problems when returning to other MMO after try GW2. Players that get adaptated to the non-competitive GW2 environment (no node competition, no kill stelaing, everyone gain full xp and loot from attack mobs) will feel the diference try to return to “normal” themepark MMO. And the end of the holly trinity will show all problems that model have at other MMO, as waiting for a healer for go to a dungeon…

    1. Well to be honest returning to LotRO after an overdose of GW2 I must say the things I missed most were the xp on harvesting/crafting and pressing a button to loot instead of clicking with a mouse. I feel there is still a place for traditional MMO mechanics since they offer quite a different experience.

      Thanks for the pointers for end game GW2. I too suck at WvWVW too but its fun despite my failings.

  2. Might want to make some time for City of Heroes if you’ve never tried it before. The character creator is worth at least two hours of gameplay, even if you never bother to make it into the actual game. 🙂

  3. or try Everquest 2 if you never had… has one of the strongest PVE elements and lore, huge game, lots of classes and a lot of expansions since release

    Will return there after im worn out of GW2, has a F2P option but sucks.. although the feeling of the game, emerssive combat system and lore always makes me comeback for more

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