Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It burns us!

For some time now I have been trying to write a post about something interesting related to the MMO gaming world. I started a few posts but always got stuck after the first paragraph. Writer’s block? Possibly. My biggest problem is everytime I sit down and search for inspiration I just have one thought in going in my mind: It’s hot. Mind numbingly so in fact.

I have a few topics which I feel are of interest and I should reflect about. I mean to share some thoughts on games I am playing right now such as Rift and Lord of the Rings Online. And there are a few things going on in the gaming world which are worth discussing. However, this heat does not let me concentrate! All I feel like doing when I try to post on the blog is nag about random things which regularly annoy me in gaming. That always seems to come easy to me. However, I established some time ago that I do not want to turn this blog into a venting vehicle for a disillusioned and cynical gamer. On the other hand complaining about this heat seems entirely justified to me.

So that, in a nutshell, is why I decided to just sit down in front of the monitor and nag about the excessive temperatures currently affecting me. Say what you will but it’s difficult to play MMOs in this sweltering heat. My MMO gaming time has been severely compromised. It’s normal for me to play less MMOs during the summer season but right now I am barely playing at all.  The only game which is managing to keep my attention for long enough is Deus Ex: Human Revolution on my Xbox 360. First and foremost because it’s one amazing game and second because I can play it while semi prostrate on the couch with a couple of fans blowing hot wind over my body. The fact that the heat radiating monitor is not right in my face while I am gaming is also a big plus. I am also playing Diablo III on a semi regular basis however my interest in the game is waning and the fact that my friends are still at it is the only thing that keeps pulling me back. The game lacks any long term appeal since end game consists of grinding and playing the auction house. My attempts at trying to make some real money netted me the grand total of -4€ (yes, there is a minus sign there). Huge Success.

I really need to invest in an a/c. Here in Malta summer is not exactly mild but sometimes we get these ‘heat waves’ which turn it up to 11 (or rather 40°C). And that is all I have to say for the time being. Actually just sitting down and typing without much thinking feels quite good. I should do this more often. Then again right now I should just fill the bathtub and lie there for a couple of hours. I lack the energy to drag myself to the beach.


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