Let’s Rift Again, Riftin’ time is here*


Now that my excitement for Diablo III has started to subside I decided to go back to something different but at the same time familiar. I want to take a break from Lord of the Rings Online so I won’t go back to it just yet.  I rummaged my games collection and unearthed Rift. I had bought this game on impulse (and I don’t mean the digital download service) and played it on release. During that period I was burning out on World of Warcraft and Rift looked like the perfect distraction. I remember being quite impressed at the time. It did not do anything particularly better or worse than WoW and this, to me, was a huge achievement for Trion Worlds. While it did not turn out to be the WoW killer that it was made out to be prior to release, start-up developer Trion had to be applauded for releasing a game which in many aspects matched the behemoth that was WoW. The fact that they managed a near flawless launch also helped considerably.

Alas, Rift did not keep my interest for long. It was too similar to WoW, I found the lore and story to be beyond boring and I was put off by the complexity of the class system. Nevertheless I always had in mind to someday get back into Telara. Installing and updating the game was a breeze and it took less than an hour using my original dvds. Rift is one of those games which allows you to play while it updates all the files in the background. Since it had been so long since I logged into the game Trion Worlds asked me to make some adjustments to my account security (such as changing the password, verifying my e-mail  and creating new security questions). I got awarded 3 days of free playtime for making the necessary changes, which meant that the game was instantly accessible without me paying any money. Very generous indeed and a hell of a good start.

Expect a few blog posts related to Rift in the coming weeks as I share my thoughts on the game.

*Apologies for the corny title. I could not help myself.  


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