Error 37

No wonder Blizzard take such care to make their login screen look ace

On Eurogamer yesterday prior to the Diablo III EU launch:

Eurogamer: What’s your best advice for the many players trying to log in today and over the next few days who may struggle to play because of stress on your servers?

Leonard Boyarsky: We have fantastic guys working on that stuff. We have people who’ve worked on World of Warcraft. It’s not like this is our first multiplayer game. I’d put my faith in them.

My ass!

I will not comment much on the game so far apart from saying that it’s a blast. I played yesterday (or this morning if you are so inclined) at launch. Not at 12.01 am as expected. We were four friends and we had to wait for all of us to painfully log into the the game, one at a time. The first one got in at around 12:25am. The last one logged in at 12:50am. It was gruelling for sure but once we started playing all was forgotten and this transgression was duly forgiven.

What is totally unforgivable to me is that this evening, at peak time, we have a similar situation. There is a temporary outage of the battle.net service it says. And sometimes, to mix it up, it tells me that the servers are busy. The servers must be busy counting the truckloads of money they made from this game. It’s the fastest pre-selling game in pc gaming history folks! So I am here updating my blog and venting instead of playing the game.

It boggles the mind how a company like Trion, lacking any experience where online gaming is concerned, and having much less resources than Blizzard, managed to launch Rift so painlessly.

So Mr. Boyarsky: Your faith was misplaced. Ponder this while I go give my ctr+v a good workout.


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