Kickstarting a Grim Dawn

Appropriately grim…

What to do while waiting for some noodles to cook? Browse some gaming sites of course. A video on gametrailers.com caught my eye. It’s some game called Grim Dawn and it’s still in development. Aw shit. It’s yet another one of those Kickstarter projects. They have been popping up as regularly as zits on an adolescent’s face after Double Fine’s appeal to fund a new ‘old school’ style adventure garnered them over 3 million dollars in a month. I decided to watch the video since it looked like an action rpg. You can never have too many of those. It was indeed an action rpg being developed by some dudes who also worked on Titan Quest. The guy in the video introduced himself as Arthur Bruno. He was blabbing about ideas for this game and how much he values the opinions of the fans. They had some of the game ready but needed to  expand the team. They were also using a modified version of the Titan Quest engine which he had managed to get the rights for.

Before I knew it I had just contributed to my first Kickstarter fund…  …and eating overcooked noodles.


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