witch doctor: not the class I will be playing

Diablo III is going to be released soon and I am well prepared. I booked leave from work, told friends and family I will be absent for a few days and stocked on energy drinks for those long nights of leveling and looting.

Truth be told I am not a huge Diablo fan. I never played the original as a matter of fact. I did dabble with Diablo II for a while but it never really gripped me. Having said that I love action RPGs. Played Dungeon Siege II and Torchlight to death. Got well acquainted with Nox and Titan Quest. I am currently working on finishing Dungeon Siege III on my Xbox. It’s not exactly the best ARPG I could play but it’s an enjoyable game anyways.

What makes the Diablo III launch special is that lots of my gamer friends are going to jump in as well. Diablo III is at heart a cooperative game, at least that is what the devs said. It’s a well known fact that playing games with others is always better than playing by yourself. Kind of like sex. We have been hyping each other for this launch for a good couple of months now and hopefully it will meet our expectations.

So, roll on May 15th. I am well prepared!


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